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If you’ve searched the web for ‘Electrician Southsea ’or ‘Electrician Portsmouth’, we’d like to think that you’ve found just what you need.

Here at The Nice Electrical Company Limited we work hard to build our reputation through trust, reliability and quality workmanship, providing a level of service and expertise which we think is hard to match in the City of Portsmouth and surrounding areas. We have over 585 positive reviews on  so you can be assured of your satisfaction with any work you award us.

About Me (Martin Lough)

I have been an time served electrician and electrical engineer for all of my life, I am married and have two children we live in Southsea. I hold the top qualifications that an electrician can pass which you can see. These qualifications were checked and verified from my original certificates by  I gained my first qualification back in 1986 but as I am a firm believer in lifetime learning I have added and updated my qualifications all the way up to the present day.

My company is called the Nice Electrical Company and this name reflects the way I like to interact with my customers. I want all the work I do to be customer led, I want people to make the decisions that they want, I will give the information that they need without the unnecessary scaremongering that some electricians seem to indulge in. Safety is paramount, but there is normally more than one way to achieve it and each solution has different costs – for me it is the customer that should make an informed decision.

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