So your house needs a rewire, if you are reading this then chances are, you already know  you are going to need this work done.
Now it is just a matter of choosing someone to do the work…….

I do all of my rewires using a team consisting of 3 people, this way we have developed a method that get the job done, cleanly and efficiently.

All rewires are done on a quoted price bases. If you need to add extras as the job is done I am happy to accommodate these. But for the initial quoted work – the price I quote is the price you will pay.
All work is guaranteed for six years and materials used for one year as per manufacturer instructions.

Most electricians will provide you with a high spec installation, which means that they will use named brand products for the rewire. Their normal quote will be for standard white sockets (this is not what we will use!).

We only do high spec and always use named brand sockets, normally this will be M2 or Click. If you prefer another make let us know at the point of quoting. What I don’t do is use the cheapest of the cheap in order to obtain the work. I find the very cheap stuff doesn’t last and that’s no good for my reputation.



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