Brrrr are you sure you want your air conditioning fixed today?

Guage set proves the system is working at optimum performance

Gauge set proves the system is working at optimum performance

It is a funny time of year to be thinking of Air Conditioning you might think, but for many of our customers, this is an economical way to heat you office or home.
Did you know that a modern boiler is about 80 to 90% efficient? Which sounds wonderful until you realise that for heating mode an Air Conditioning unit is around 800% efficient.
So this week, as well as repairing a leaking unvented hot water storage system or an electric pressurised boiler as most people would call it, we have also been on the roof tops, servicing and maintaining Air Conditioning.
The Law on who can service these systems is now very strict and you need a UVHSS ticket to be legal to work on Unvented Hot Water systems and and F-Gas registration to work on air conditioning. If you have these systems:- Be safe and check the ID card of the operative. If the card is not available for inspection, do not allow the person to work on this equipment on your premises otherwise you may be brought to book as well as they would be if caught. provides service that shows what qualifications a tradesman has – which is great because it avoids any confrontation at the start of works. Checkatrade check that the qualification claimed is real and that the tradesman is adequately insured for the work.
Our page show that we hold all the correct qualifications and you can see the verified reports of our work from over 300 satisfied customers that have kindly taken the time to complete a report following using our services.
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