Ah! those summer nights.

Well as the seasons change and we are definately feeling a bit cooler at night it is the time when Storage Heaters might be switched on for the first time for a while. Remember to brush and vacuume the dust out before switching on. The dust could ignite, and even if nothing that drastic happens, it will burn off which is not good for the air quality.

People often think of storage heaters as maintenance free. But this is worth doing.

If you find other problems such as the wall behind the heater cracking or any the heater not keeping heat through the evening you may need more help. Just give us a call and we can check the heater and give it its MOT for the year.

We will check

Earth Leakage

Continuity of elements

Earth Bonding

Thermostatic Action

Insulation resistance

and give it a clean and service.

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