No earth on the lights – hidden chok blok

Whenever we fit a fuseboard in accordance with the 17th editions of the wiring regulations and the best practice guide form the Electrical Safety Council, we always carry out a full inspection and test of the electrical installation. This ensures the safety and reliability of the new consumer unit. One of the tests is to ensure that there is an earth wire going to each and every light and lightswitch. This earth wire protects the users from electric shock and possible death in the case of a simple fault. The picture shows the reason why in a recent install there was no earth on most of the upstairs lights. The problem was down to a shoddy practice of using chock block connectors to extend wiring, in this case the earth wire had been folded back probably by a “friend” doing a favour rather than a registered electrician.

Chock Block connection leaves house with no safety earth

Remember – it is very easy to make it work – but it takes skill to make it safe.



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